Getting the hell out of Dodge…

Despite spending a considerable amount of time chosing a charity that would best suit my plans for changing the world, it seems the opportunity here doesn’t quite reflect that implied…..

Depsite paying 200 GBP for a month, a rather princely sum in India, and volunteering our time, the kids in the school have to pay to come here. The women who attend the computer classes aren’t poor and they have to pay. And the girl I taught conversation english is an engineering student who walks around wearing a 350GBP gold chain!


The micro-credit system for women is good, but there’s no opportunity to help work within it. Our role involved visiting some of the members and talking to them about the business they’ve set up with the loans, what they use the money for etc. A guided tour effectively.

So I’m getting the hell out of dodge and heading to Goa via Kerala, for a spot of R&R and maybe a spot of sun, before I end up with a permanent tshirt tan. No fixed plans beyond a train ticket to Varkala in Kerala. I have to get back down to the Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam at some point to see if I want to do my teacher’s training course there. If not and they’re booked up, will go and work for a charity near there that ‘seems’ to be exactly what I wanted to do here!

Have learnt loads more about the culture, the caste system, arranged marriages, gender segregation, love marriages and all sorts. Can say about 6 words in Tamil… and have met some amazingly kind and generous people and some seriously cute kids. But it seems for now, that i’m being pushed down the yoga route, who am I to argue with destiny 😉

So Happy Friday pickles, I bid you adieu for now, next update from the beach. Cross your fingers and wish me not to smoke when I hit party town. It’s easy not to in the back of teetotal beyond!

byeeeeeeee 🙂

Em x


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