Inhale and Exhale

The first rule of maintaining and rewarding a loyal audience broken by my lackof updating, I sheepishly present you with the information that I am now a qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher and initiated into Reiki by way of explanation and in a bid for forgiveness.

Two months on from a debaucherous New Year’s Eve and I have appeared in a bollywood movie, hung out with sweet Melanie in the Dhavari slum of Mumbai, cleansed my feet in the Godavari river in Nasik, practiced my french but allors not my german, spent hours and hours on buses, eaten strawberrys and cream whilst getting lost and found in the hills of Mahabaleshwar, visited the magnificient c. 2000 year old cave temples of Ellora and Ajanta, stayed in some really scummy lodges and had midnight callers ratatat-tapping on my door… bumped into some old friends in Goa and had a guy openly masturbating to Internet Porn at the next computer to me, travelled first class on le train (pillows, blankets, sheets and soap in the bathrooms!) and did I mention qualifying as a yoga teacher?!

So I’ve spent the past 6 weeks in the ashram, intending to practice abstention from wicked ingredients of the western world, not even thinking of alcohol for one second, but going crazy for chai and developing a rather unhealthy biscuit addiction, mmmm butter cookies.

I’ve spent about 4 hours standing on my head, about 8 hours on my shoulders, saluted the sun about 400 times and given the cobra a run for his money with my bhujanghasana. I’ve eaten my own body weight in rice, nuts & dried fruit mmmmm and been nicknamed the fruit bat by my lovely aussie room mate Jackie for my fruit snacking affliction. I can sing you a selection of bahjan’s (hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare, hare krishna hare krishna krishna krisna hare hare anyone?) and chant you something from the bhagavad gita. I know the average lung capacity, blood flow per minute through the heart and the postures to sublimate your sex drive. I’ve endured head lice infestation from the cute kids at the orphanage Melanie was working at in Bangalore and reinfestation 3 times; been given a spiritual name; chanted Om Namah Shivya more than 1000 times in one day from 6 in the morning until 4 the next morning and given 4 Reiki treatments.

And now, now I’m very humbly admitting that whilst I’m a teacher on paper and can give a class, I have an awful lot to learn and am embracing the opportunity here at the ashram to teach the yoga vacationers and learn from every second of every teaching.

I’m getting stuck into my karma yoga editing the transcription of Swami Sivananda’s Upanishad whilst I do my reception and boutique shifts, reading up on anatomy and practicing Reiki on myself (sounds selfish but is actually tres important!)

So until the 22nd of March when I leave for Delhi to meet Melanie and travel to Bundi in Rajasthan, I shall be mostly not using the slow Internet and practicing my teaching, and as such I send you all lots of love and will be in contact soon.

Em x


One response to “Inhale and Exhale

  1. Hi Emma, lovely to hear your news and that you are still having a great time. Congrats on your yoga master award abd good luck with the teaching.
    Speaks soon, take care and stay safe
    love from Aunty Roz xxx


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