The Art of Chai

For life where the biggest vice is an addiction to home made cookies and yoga, Chai is a ritual.

We take great delight in slipping a couple of cups of chai down twice a day, so much delight I’ve bought a nice big aluminium mug with a handle to enhance it.

Preparing and drinking your chai is a minor art form. First you take two aluminium cups, holding one by the rim you pour a cup of chai in from the huge vat on the side and put a little jaggery in the bottom (unrefined palm sugar), then holding the jaggery cup along the rim as they heat up quickly, bring the mixy mix lower than the tea cup and start pouring into it, slowly increasing the distance between the two cups so the tea mixes in the bottom cup and froths up. Keep repeating from cup to cup until all the jaggery has disolved and the tea is cool enough to drink with some frothy bubbles on top mmmmmmmm.

So for my first post in almost 2 months to be on mixing chai you’ll appreciate that either not a lot or lots has been going on. It’s been hectic as! getting up at 4.30 and filling the day with yoga asana class, meditation and lots of working combined with having to hand wash everything you wear and internet access slower than snail mail, does not constitute towards keeping in touch very easily. If you’re lucky your text got through to me or mine to you, if not you probably haven’t heard from me. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you and I’m not thinking of you, I am, and after receiving a letter from my lovely nan the other day I’m very pleased to receive post and with that something nice like choccies or jelly beans to spice up our tea times 🙂

So if you feel like dropping me a line I can be reached via:
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
101 Dr Sathar Road
Anna Nagar
Madurai 625 025
Tamil Nadu

If anyone feels like pulling a few things together for me from neals yard, let me know and I’ll love you forever and do you know what I really need, ear plugs, I seem to not have my special stash I thought I had.

Wishing everyone well.

Lots of Love

Em x


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