Efficiency & the art of sleep deprivation

I have discovered that I am ambushing my life, by my unseemly need to sleep 8 hours a night!  Sat around the table, everybody answered 6 hours, 6 hours, 6 hours… they all needed 6 hours or less to function perfectly well!

Apparently “sleep needs vary across populations”, some people function well on 5 whilst others need 9. When I add up all those extra hours I’m sleeping I wonder what I could achieve with those extra 10 – 14 hours a week during the working week.  Even if I could claim back 5 more hours, imagine what it could do to that list of desires that burn me up from their being unfulfilled – all those emails unwritten, books unread, crochet squares still on the skein, paintings yet to be sketched out, muscles waiting to be uncoiled by yoga and mind waiting to be calmed by meditation.

Is a genetic disposition to sleep deprivation what’s really required to be a truly efficient person?  (Yep there is a gene responsible for how much sleep you need and mutations of it result in needing very little to function).

Work it back, if I don’t have to go to bed by 10.30, then I wouldn’t have to eat by 8.30, I wouldn’t have to leave work by 7.30… etc & life would be a breeze because I would still have all those hours until bed time left to fill with beautiful me time!

The Business Insider calls them the ‘Sleepless Elite‘, 1 – 3% of the population happily get by on very little sleep:

Bill Clinton (former president of the USA) – 5 to 6 a night,

Margaret Thatcher (former prime minister of the UK) – 4,

Marissa Meyer (CEO – Yahoo) – 5 to 6,

Donald Trump (The Trump Foundation) – 3 to 4,

Indra Nooyi (pepsico chairman) 4,

Tom Ford (fashion designer) 3,

Barack Obama – 6,

Thomas Edison (inventor) 3-4,

Leonardo da Vinci – less than 5

Madonna – 4

All people who achieved big things with their life, maybe using those extra hours, or was it those extra things in their lives chasing the sand man away?

Unfortunately it seems you can’t train your body to sleep less, 7 hours is apparently the magic number for most.  So I start a test.  To drop down to 7 hours a night & see where it takes me.  Right now it’s taking me to finally updating my blog.  The clock is ticking & I’m watching the hands creep slowly by, if I sleep now I’ll wake up before 6.  Thus ends day 2 in the sleep deprivation house. (for anybody interested in how day 1 went… I felt like I had a hangover for most of the day!)

Sleeping dust or blowing a kiss?

Sleeping dust or blowing a kiss?

(Thanks to America’s national sleep foundation http://www.sleepfoundation.org/)



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