If you don’t sleep, don’t over eat


Amico bio.  The vegetarian food of the Gods!  An overwhelming array of vegan friendly treats to tantalise the palette with every course.  Vegan ice cream!  Rice milk mozzarella in the pesto gnocchi! Marinated tofu. Seitan wrap. Stuffed aubergines. Enormous salads over flowing with tasty morsels. Amazing focaccia. Delicious alcohol free alternatives to drink.  I’m afraid I sampled almost all of it to bursting.

Gone the leave 20% in your belly for air & water rule… I, over-excited by the possibility of having the freedom of choice on the menu, sampled everything & resampled everything and even had dessert when I had gone beyond that point.

I discovered that planned sleep deprivation doesn’t work when you eat too much.  It makes you really tired!  To succeed on less sleep you definitely can’t over eat or you get sluggish & sleepy. I’m definitely not advocating sleep deprivation & starvation. no way!  Just eating a normal amount of food might be the best way to still feel effective & sharp!

On the up side, I chatted to one girl at work who unashamedly needs 8-9 hours sleep & she seems to accomplish a large amount of success in my eyes. Although I’m not sure how she fits it all in.

Maybe I don’t need to sleep less maybe I just need to freeze time, to step in and out of it every now again to catch up.  I remember reading a great article on brainpicking.org, I wish I could find it again, about how time passes faster for some people & slower for others.  I marvel at the speed at which colleagues fire off emails, cross things off their to-do list; whilst I’m still loading up the outlook window & clicking reply to all, 5 emails fire into my inbox, as the time efficients blow steam from their fingertips.  My pretties, I will never be able to challenge you to a duel… I seem to operate in a different time zone.  Can a yoga’d brain compete in an office environment? Or is that an unfair, sweeping generalisation? Is it about the office, the environment, the work and most importantly the brain?!  Tasks are turning from concentrated to automatic, & freeing up mental space for new tasks; can I ever be like Neo as he gracefully moves through the matrix with awareness & zen?



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