Homeopathy wins the war against hayfever!

summer rose

Veganism is a choice but it soon becomes your DNA. You start thinking how chronically unfair it is that another living being should suffer so that you can live in relative comfort and ease, before you know life becomes a minefield of ingredient label reading, searching forums & googling.

Sometimes you want to be more ‘tolerant’, less rigid. But when it comes down to the crunch you just can’t willing consume something that knowingly has products derived from animals in it. Even if you want to, the this is wrong switch overrides.

After 5 years living out of the UK & not suffering from hayfever (apart from one weekend in argentina when the tree pollen was havin some kind of rave) it is hitting me hard. I was waiting it out. Waiting out. This has to stop at some point. Just wait. You can do it. But it broke me. I couldn’t take it. I almost broke and took the tablets. Instead I turned to my trusty friend the Internet.

Echinacea is seen to provide hayfever relief as does nettle tea. All out of nettle that day I tried the echinacea. It does work. But it doesn’t last long. It takes the immediate urge to sneeze away but comes back pretty soon.

In addition to being full of chemicals I don’t normally like to consume, most over the counter antihistamines have lactose in the tablet. I popped into holland & Barrett. They had a squirt up your nose product supposed to catch the pollen before entering. Care+’s Allergy Defence. It’s not 100% effective but it is a massive improvement. Wasn’t entirely sure about squirting a powder up my nose at the quantity required.

Which took me into the neals yard store in itching, sneezing, am I sick too, agony. They put a shining tube of iridescent balls in my hand. I screwed off the cap, popped one in the lid & dropped it under my tongue. Homeopathy, I have never paid you much attention before but I will now. You are my saviour!

Thinking the ‘cures’ of the time to be almost as horrific as the ails they were supposed to be healing, German doctor Samuel Hahnemann started trialling the system of ‘like for like’. Administering heavily diluted doses of a substance which in large doses causes symptoms, but in small amounts can be used to treat those same symptoms. For example, administering a very small amount of pollen to desensitise an allergy to it.

It worked instantly for me. There are still slight symptoms but the difference is incredible. Had incredible unusual insomnia last night & having popped a little pill before bed, I’m not entirely sure the two aren’t connected!

Give those chemicals a rest and go natural!

For more info about natural hayfever remedies, homeopathy in particular, visit here


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