Vegan London: East Street + Som Tam Recipe

Sesame & Ginger Salad

People always ask if it’s difficult to eat out when you’re Vegan & to be honest, it limits your choices but sometimes when there’s so much to choose from, it’s not so bad.

Maybe if life was like that it wouldn’t be so difficult to decide what to do sometimes!  If the world wasn’t quite literally your oyster, maybe it would be easier to cruise down the guidelines instead of bouncing from place to experience to place trying to form your own guidelines.

East Street restaurant on Rathbone Place has an awesome menu, spanning the entire east, from Japan to Korea, Singapore to Malaysia.  Unfortunately the Somtam, spicy papaya salad has fish sauce & shrimp paste in it (totally unnecessary in my eyes!) but they have 2 vegan friendly starters, a sesame & ginger salad & 5 main courses.  Quite literally vegan heaven.  Add to that the communal long tables, the beautiful tiled floor, the asian kitsch & the manga cartoon projected onto one wall & you have a London hit. (imagine drinking beer from different asian countries you’ve travelled like Laos or Thailand is also a hit but it didn’t work on me).

I ate from the £8,95 2 course, 12-6pm daily special.  Highly recommended!

To make a vegan friendly som tam, substitute the fish sauce for soy sauce or make your own fishless fish sauce:


(serves 4)



1 med raw green papaya,grated & chilled (2 cups)

10-12 cherry tomatoes/1 cup chopped tomatoes

½ cup peanuts, skinned & roasted

2 garlic cloves

Handful of green beans, chopped


2 tblsps lime juice

1 tblsp sugar

1 tsp salt/soy/fishless soy sauce

2-3 chillis, chopped/sliced


− Peel & grate the papaya & chill in refrigerator

− Blend all dressing ingredients in a bowl

− Pound the garlic cloves & chillis in pestle & mortar/bowl, adding a pinch of papaya to help it mix

− Add tomatoes & papaya & pound a little adding the salad dressing to help it mix. Add peanuts, mix & serve chilled.

East Street


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