Exception to the rule, travelling & vegan don’t mix

Travelling with a vegan isn’t really that easy. There’s the self catering preference, having to take your own food with you, always having vegan friendly snacks for emergencies and the disappointment of not being able to have cake again whilst everybody else does.  Put a vegan in a small town in the middle of nowhere and you have a vitamins and minerals disaster on your hands.

Just as you can find beauty in the most unexpected of places, so too you can find an unexpected vegan haven in an unlikely twist and turn.

True one night had me dining on chips for sustenance (an oxymoron), then we went chasing the sunset and just like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, there was a pot of vegan yum where the sun went down.

Begone ye foul chips ye. Instead bring me careful crafted vegan burgers with gluten free bun (people can’t seem to separate vegan from gluten allergies, all good to me!) and 3 different types of vegan pudding. Sadly all devoured by what must have been normal punters enjoying a healthy slice, unless all vegans chase the sunset to the bay bistro?

As more couch surfers looking for a safe house contact us of the vegetarian and vegan persuasion, it begs the question is there a market out there for vegetarian travel bolt holds. Would it alienate normal trade from trying it? Is it a wink wink funny hand shake Masonic type surreptitious positioning, told only to those in the know, where if you aren’t told, you wouldn’t ordinarily notice.

As I contemplate and plan selling my vegan cakes and savouries to cafes that don’t currently cater well for dairy allergies, should it be sold as something different or just as something delicious.

When we hold something up as different it creates suspicion and fear or even envy. Just look at the class system and even race relations. As long as people are identified as different, they see others as different from them, instead of it just being normal.

I listened to a story about a family in the USA that had negro ancestry although their skin was white as cream. Whilst one daughter let everybody see what they saw on the surface, the other was proud of her heritage and told everybody she was negro. Some people gave her trouble for it despite looking the same as them in every way. Just goes to show, how just an idea of being different can change something normal in front of your eyes to something that you have now decided you dislike.

People are strange. If instead you try to understand that which intimidates, frightens or concerns you, it loses its power over you. Wouldn’t that be a nicer place. Where people open their doors to people who aren’t homogeneously similar, who bring a new perspective and ideas to our lives, and who eat vegan quiche, even if it is vegan.



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