Neal’s Yard’s Anti ageing with Frankincense & stem cell technology.

Neal’s Yard Frankincense Intense doesn’t need Gold or Myrrh to make it top of this year’s Christmas gift-to-self list. 

Neal’s yard have a fabulous range of skin care & general health  products which are all produced with ‘no compromise’ ethics, extracting natural ingredients in a sustainable, non GM way which also helps to preserve biodiversity and holistic way.

Frankincense is a powerful oil for anti-ageing (any connection with mythology and being given to the immortal ‘son of god’?), as well as being astringent and toning. 

I once had a friend buy me some anti wrinkle eye cream for my 23rd birthday so I’ve tried a few lotions and potions in my time and never really had much for them to work on. I still swear by yoga, lots of water, vegetarian if not vegan diet and lots of sleep, however, time inevitably leaves her subtle marks and this cream was incredible!

It has gardenia stem cells with skin strengthening properties which help against collagen degradation which helps the skin retain its youthful suppleness. 

It’s clinically proven but also in their own trials 100% of women said their skin looked younger and 90% noticed a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. 

I completely testify to that, it’s like somebody zapped my wrinkles away. Finally a miracle anti ageing cream that actually performs miracles!

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