TAY skincare, cruelty free merging of beauty & art

If marshmallows were vegan, this is how I would imagine a marshmallow would feel like if it was smushed into my face and all the sweet smelling goodness was sucked deep into my thirsty skin.  As it is fortunately TAY skincare doesn’t include anything near as nasty as a marshmallow.

Vegan, sustainable, fair trade, natural/organic and most importantly cruelty free; TAY’s philosophy is to bring simplicity to skincare.  Handcrafted artisinally in small batches to preserve its purity, TAY is the love child of Sarah Tay, beauty industry insider, and her vision to beautifully weave beauty and art together.

The containers are beautifully crafted from sustainable resources; the formulas antioxidant blends crafted to release your skin’s inner beauty for all the world to see.

The cucumber day moisturiser with mango butter absorbs so quickly you may consider doubling up on quantity, stick with it and see how your skin fares after a few days.  The product is designed for deep hydration and maximum nutrient absorption. I have combination skin as normal and it wasn’t greasy, nor did I feel it left me dry.  Even on holiday my skin retained moisture balance beautifully.

Anti-aging, regenerative and free-radical blocking, this product is a beautiful addition to your daily skin care.  At $68 per bottle it isn’t cheap, but fusing art, beauty and a cruelty-free, sustainable mission is never going to come cheap at somebody else exploitation. Definitely treat to self or put it on your christmas list.  Even if it’s just to get a sniff of this fabulous product.TAY skincare cucumber day moisturiser with mango butter


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