Lima London, Peruvian gastronomia accessible for vegans!

Artichoke Amazonia at Lima

Lima is the proud holder of a Michelin Star and it is well deserved.  An evocative blend of strong, fragrant flavours with impeccable service, subtly retaining the knowledge that a guest has a different dietary requirement and catering to it discreetly with every course.  The flavours make similar impressions on your palette as their colours on your eyes.

Don’t worry, the Tiger’s milk isn’t actually from a Tiger, it’s some kind of fragrant salsa type taste sensation. There is almost too much to choose from with 3 starters and 1 main course, easily vegan-fied, next time I will go for two starters!  The Artichoke (pictured) was incredible, the blue potato – delicious, and blue!  With vegetarian dishes cheaper than the meat, you’d even get two starters for the price of one meat main.

“Peruvian cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures which have come together to form a unique blend of flavours and techniques. With the arrival of European and Asian immigrants centuries ago, their ingredients and customs intertwined over the decades with those of the locals, creating what is known as Peruvian cuisine: one of the fastest growing gastronomic movements today”

Peruvian cuisine is the new craze and with it’s incredible blending of Asian herbs and spices with Peruvian ingredients, I can really see why.  When is a Peruvian street food restaurant opening up?

It’s so nice not to have to check whether there’s any hidden nasties in any of the dishes, they just politely tell you.  5 star for service Lima, you’re on the top of my list!


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