Good for the environment, even better for your pocket: cleaning products

Possibly one of the most unglamorous subjects to write about, but a part of our life we can’t escape nonetheless! It’s so easy to buy Eco products in supermarkets these days. ecover have a great range of environmentally friendlier products for all manor of cleaning needs. I like, in particular, their grapefruit washing up liquid.

You can buy citric acid descaler for the kettle in planet organic, natural dish scrubbers from the health food shop and always resort back to classics like vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for cutting grease, deep cleaning and removing odours.

My cleaning product heroes, however, are the mighty Indian soap nuts and dr bronner’s sal suds. A £5 bag of soap nuts bought via the internet & a litre of sal suds have lasted me a year and I’m still going.

I dilute sal suds and use as my main cleaning product, for the kitchen, bathroom, cleaning up cat related stains, I put a squeeze in my laundry sometimes to add a nice eucalyptus smell (Indian soap nuts are odour less) and at times I have used it to wash the dishes. It has innumerate other uses but these work well for me. Our cleaner in brazil, who had spent 20 years cleaning houses, said it was the best thing she’d ever used. No harsh chemicals or nasties, all natural goodness!

Put 6-8 soap nuts in the little muslin bag in the wash and it cleans like soap powder. You know those soapy suds you wash off the quinoa grains after soaking? Soap nuts are basically a big quinoa, the saponin that gives your quinoa a bitter taste, washes your clothes lovely. Use them until they break down into smaller pieces, throw, pop another handful of nuts in and wash wash wash. 1 year and still half a bag left… £2.50 to wash my clothes all year with a squeeze of £14 sal suds every now and again if I want them to smell of something!

I came to soap nuts because of a skin allergy to any perfumed laundry detergents, ecover included, but stay because I am amazed at the cleaning power cheapness of nature!

Try it for yourself. 🙂



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