Vegan London: Vantra Vitao

I’ve been getting out and about in London more recently; meeting up with friends, dating and also for business meetings. As the more complicated eater, I’ve been having to keep digging for recommendations of vegan friendly places that also suit non vegans, are central or local to other venues, and reasonably priced!

The main thing that persistently drives me if the search for cake. I can have a coffee meeting (soya decaf – see previous post ) but I can’t have cake… And I very much like cake!

These days it’s not difficult to make products for a wider audience. (Think wider not broader!) More and more people are suffering from allergies and looking for alternatives and it’s just so easy! The other day a friend came round and brought delicious cupcakes with her. Granted she clearly has the baking gift, but she says it was the first recipe she found on google and it was simple & easy, using the ingredients normally found in the store cupboard and not expensive. What’s stopping more coffee shops from thinking outside the normal cake confines?

It’s this relentless search for vegan friendly places that has led me to review and collate the ones I’ve been to, in order that others might find it a little easier. Who knows maybe in the future a map!

Vantra Vitao, a combination of two independent wellbeing focused restaurants, in a relatively new venue (November 2013), very well located at the intersection between Tottenham court road and Oxford street.

They have a great help yourself buffet for takeout or eat in, lots of choice of small bites or main dishes, cold pressed juices and really fabulous cake!

There menu caters for alternative diets of all types, whether you’re avoiding night shades (toms & aubergine – heating & acidic), onion & garlic (stimulating) or plain old dairy or gluten, they cater for all types.

I couldn’t stop myself going there twice in two weeks. First for the chocolate genache cake (unbelievably delicious!) and then for the macadamia nut based mango and lemon cheesecake. So so good!

Reminded me of a strawberry cheesecake based on cashew nuts I taught at a vegetarian cooking course in São Paulo, must find a good source of nuts and get experimenting with new flavours and post the recipe! 20140605-090818-32898829.jpg


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