Recipe: Instant comfort: Mashed Potato & Chickpea gravy

Mashed potato & chickpea gravy

Sometimes when you’ve got a cold, you’ve had an exam and one of your best friends is going back to Canada you need a bit of comfort food. I always have potatoes kicking around in the fridge, Abel and Cole likes to deliver them to me every week, yet I rarely cook with them.  I also had some leftover chickpeas kicking around in the fridge from the amazing wing-it veggie Paella I made the other day.

Boil your potatoes, mash up with vegan friendly milk & butter as usual.

Whilst you’re doing it gently cook 1/2 an onion (finely sliced in semi-circles), 1 celery stick (very finely sliced) & 1 garlic clove.  Add in a handful of chickpeas, a little cumin powder, thyme & rosemary and continue until the chickpeas are cooked through.  Set aside and heat a tblsp of oil in a pan, add cornflour & stir until it forms a paste and then add a tsp of stock. When that’s stirred in add cold to lukewarm water. The water has to be cooler than the roux. A lovely guy with a heart the size of Brazil once explained that gravy gets lumpy when hot water is used.  We think we’re saving time, all we’re doing is creating problems… sounds like a lot of things we do in life!  Stir the water in and keep stirring & adding water  & heating until you get the right consistency and volume of gravy.  Reduce the temperature, add your onion & chickpea mix and dollop generously all over your mashed potato.

Instant comfort. No other way to describe it & a darn sight healthier than junk food! There’s vitamin C in potatoes didn’t you know & vitamin B6, one of the essential amino acid building blocks for the body.

Always best to use Organic potatoes if you can, they’re on the dirty dozen food list in America as containing high levels of residue pesticides. Granted our conditions and pesticides are different, but it’s a good guide.


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