Vegan London: Titbits, Heddon Street

Titbits vegetarian restaurant


I have no idea how this little Gem in London’s crown had failed to catch my eye until recently!  Nuzzled in the back streets of Piccadilly’s Heddon Street is Titbits.  I haven’t seen a pay per kilo restaurant since leaving Brazil!  Having the appetite of a tiger rather than a sparrow, I always opted for the buffet rather than the per kilo restaurant and the bill here showed that!  £13 for me and £15 for my friend and we didn’t exactly load the plate.

The variety was amazing – an amazing pasta salad with organic tofu, olives and dried tomatoes, red rice mixed with bell peppers & courgettes and my absolute favourite, the north african chick pea salad – made with sesame paste, bell peppers & coriander.  I will be looking this one up on the internet and trying to recreate. Delish!

Everything was clearly labelled as to whether it was vegan or gluten free.  They have pastries and cakes, juices and alcoholic beverages and for those child toting veggies, a play area downstairs for keeping your little one occupied whilst you fill your veggie boots.

A definite tick.  A great place for a group of friends, the range and variety is enough to keep most meat eaters satisfied, also a possible date venue.  Vantra Vitao definitely wins in the dessert round, but make me a vegan croissant for breakfast and you win my heart for always!

I can’t wait to try out when you go full vegan on one of your vegan days!


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