Stay fresh all day: Homemade deodorant




Whilst there is no conclusive evidence (cancer research uk) linking anti perspirant with breast cancer, breast cancer is on the rise in the UK. With the skin our largest organ I try where possible to put on my body only what I would put in my body (ie that I would eat). In actual fact Alcohol is probably more likely to increase your risk of breast cancer than anti perspirant, but putting lots of chemicals on the body unnecessarily? Why take the risk!

Instead you can stay fresh ALL day using the ingredients you find in your store cupboard. Yes, it’s cheaper too!!

4 tblsps corn flour (I use doves’ organic)
1 tblsp bicarbonate of soda (again, I use doves)
1-3 tblsps of coconut oil (I have never actually measured this!)
A few drops of essential oils (I use rosemary for anti bacterial properties and lavender for soothing)

I leave my organic, cold pressed coconut oil steeping with camomile flowers in a jar in the window. When it’s time to make some more deodorant I heat the jar in a bowl of hot water and strain the oil directly into my powders mix using a tea or nut milk strainer.

Use whatever mixing bowl works for you, I use the bowl part of a pestle and mortar, is that the pestle or the mortar?! Measuring the powders in and not being over generous with the bicarbonate of soda. This is the active cleaning agent and it can burn a little if it’s in too high proportion. I tried a couple of recipes but using less bicarbonate of soda & steeping the coconut oil works best for my skin. Experiment and try what works best for you.

I also use a lot more coconut oil to make a runnier liquid rather than paste these days. I find it more soothing and not any less effective. Add a few drops of whichever essential oils work for you. Remembering that they shouldn’t really be applied directly to the skin. Some like cinnamon really burn but others are fine. They also have properties which can effect your mood and are absorbed by the skin. Be aware of this and don’t go too crazy with your drops! Lavender with its soothing properties is always a good essential oil to start experimenting with.

The liquid will solidify in our cold British climate so dig out a pea sized amount and press it into your armpit skin to melt it and spread.

I stress tested this, teaching 4 yoga classes all over São Paulo, in 30 degree summer heat and I did not smell at the end of the day. (In stark comparison to most other people on the buses!) Really this stuff works far better than any normal drug store bought deodorant and far more effectively than most of the crystal etc natural deodorants I’ve tried. I’m in control of the ingredients, it’s soothing and my armpits smell like you could eat them. You don’t hear that said everyday!


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