Wellbeing: New addiction: Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

Know that feeling that you get after having your teeth cleaned? You can’t stop running your tongue over and around your teeth, especially on the inside? Welcome to oil pulling ladies and gentleman. Finally something you want to do all the time that has lasting healthy benefits. Even when you don’t need to, you do it anyway, because it feels so good!

I’s had it in my mind to do it for a whole but hadn’t got round to starting. I was finally given the push in the Neal’s yard, who were advertising coconut oil for this very purpose and I spoke to one of the employees about it. She was a massive advocate of it, recommended doing it every 2-3 days and showed me the action you make to move the oil around your teeth. Think less swilling more pushing and pulling the oil through your teeth with the force of your mouth.

Advocated as the cure all mouth disease miracle cure, many people have found it to solve mouth sores, gingivitis, bad breath and improve general mouth health as well as the positive knock on effect to your health. The mouth and nose are the main entry point for germs and having them working in optimum condition contributes to you being in optimum condition!

Oil pulling has been claimed to help allergy sufferers like hayfever. It could be entirely coincidental and down to a reduction in pollen haze of late, but my hayfever symptoms have lessened considerably since I started my new addiction.

A great article here from an Ayurvedic practitioner explains the healing of sinus issues and oil pulling as the go to for any mysterious headaches or tooth ache.

As an aside, if any of you readers are still smokers, imagine the nose when you do. The tiny hairs that are the filtration service, protecting us from particles on the outside getting into the inside, are burned off every time you have a cigarette and take 10 days to grow back.

The oil you choose to ‘pull’ might depend on the season, any particular health concerns you have or just be down to preference. Coconut oil is cooling, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and has that delicious tropical smell and taste! Sesame oil is something that can be used to heat those of us with airy constitutions, for treating manifestations of that cold airy nature on the skin and for general internal heating in cold months.

Ewelina Bubanja, talks about the detoxifying aspect of these oils in her article, how toxins stick to them and they are used in Ayurveda to draw such toxins out from the skin/tissues.

Whichever oil you choose try to always get a cold pressed oil as the extraction process retains more of the natural goodness. Also try to go organic where you can.

In terms of technique it will take about 15 – 20 minutes to really get it going and get to the consistency to being thick, viscous & white, having pulled the toxins out of the saliva and the mouth.

It’s important to spit the finished oil into a tissue and throw it away. Oils like coconut can solidify at cold temperatures and we don’t want to create a big ball of coconut oil in the sewers, or blocking your own pipes!

After spitting this oil out that we’ve filled with our internal nasties, rinse the mouth with warm water a few times and then brush your teeth. Tadah! Beautiful nashers!

I’ll be keeping up the experiment.  Let me know how you get on!



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