Wellbeing: Açai, superberry superfood!

wellbeing acai superberry superfood

It’s hard to believe but in the huge mass and throng of green life bursting for freedom that is the Amazon, are areas yet uncharted and explored by man. It’s possible that they’ve been discovered by the indigenous tribes living within the jungle, but as some of those are undiscovered land many tribes remain un contactable, nobody knows for sure.

Many people believe in the possibility that plants with the potential to cure all the worlds medical ills lie buried deep in the Amazonian rainforest somewhere.

With one sixth of the massive land mass that is Brazil covered by the Anazon, one would expect Brazil to be leading in the discovery of some of these elements or even to have developed many household remedies using some elements discovered here. In my 3.5 years living there I wasn’t exposed to that much, but I was exposed to açai. Otherwise known (by me) as food of the gods.

In its native state, Para, they eat açai savoury with rice and beans but due to the long distances it has to travel to the South of Brazil, a hybrid frozen version was created. Adding guarana (also from the amazon) to sweeten it and serving with chopped banana or strawberry and sprinkling with granola, açai is eaten in a sorbet like form as breakfast, as a snack, as meal replacement, as a juice or as dessert.

It is heavenly!

Reputedly full of antioxidants and vitamins. It is also one hell of a calorie load! It’s also protein loaded so it’s a top choice by Brazilian sportsmen after activity to help repair muscles.

It’s also heavenly served as a juice, either blended with water, banana &/or strawberry or, my favourite, blended with orange juice.

It’s something I really miss having access to, especially in my vegan Brazil years, it was the perfect snack to grab on the go and was often my only eating option. I was really happy to find a table at the British Yoga Festival last weekend serving açai. It was the perfect pre yoga workshop with Bridget Woods Kramer snack! And I got to practice my portuguese! Amaçai.

It’s definitely more natural to eat in the summer, but I hope you get to try it at some point in its purest form, not blended into pre made smoothies.

Eu amo o açaí!



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