Recipe: omega 3:6:9 hummus

Ah hummus. The go to protein for new vegans and salad fans alike. So easy in the west when it’s £1 a pot in every supermarket. Not so easy when it’s only available in the expensive imported food markets of São Paulo and the equivalent of £4 and you’re a poor yoga teacher.

Then you learn to make it yourself an get creative! The first thing I explored was different beans. Brown bean hummus, black bean hummus, red kidney bean hummus, cannellini bean hummus… Knock yourself out! I never tried butter beans but there’s always next time!

Then you can get creative with other ingredients. Exchanging the tahini for something like beetroot or sweet potato. Beetroot & mint hummus is by far the most delicious one I’ve ever made.

For now the humble hummus spiced up with omega 3:6:9 oil to give it an extra amino acid boost.

1 tin of chickpeas, drained & rinsed
2tblsps of tahini
1 finely chopped clove of garlic
A pinch of salt
A pinch of cumin
A glug (about 1 tblsp) of omega oil
A glug of water
& ideally a good squeeze of lemon if you have one

Blend. Devour. That’s all!



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