Cashew Tomato Soup

This looks like a great substitute to Heinz cream of tomato soup as a nourishing comfort food for vegans. Can’t wait to try it!

Today I was contemplating whether I should create a special “tomato soup” category in this blog since I do so many tomato soups… IMG_3948Anyhow, I put some cherry tomatoes, partly cut into halves, on a tray and sprinkled them with some oil, salt, pepper and small garlic pieces. After roasting for about 20 minutes, I sprinkled the tray with cashew nuts and roasted for another 15 minutes or so (until some tomatoes looked somewhat charred).

IMG_3949Then I took the tray from the oven and put everything (including all juices) into a pan with some vegetable stock. I purreed everything until the cashew nuts visibly disappeared and the soup was very very creamy. The soup looks like cream was added. But this is not the case. I served this truly vegan soup with some spare cashew nuts and a pinch of smoked paprika powder.

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Roasting time: 30 –…

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