Vegan London: the coach and horses

vegan cake coach and horses

A delightful find for a self confessed vegan afternoon tea addict! I stumbled across their ‘coming soon’ website whilst looking for a vegan friendly place in London. When it finally opened I happily looked for any opportunity to try it out, taking a client there for lunch. I enjoyed the ‘tofush’ and chips for pure quirky rather than health value and couldn’t wait to get back there for afternoon tea.

I was not disappointed. The carrot cake was delicious and vegan cup cakes! Finally! No fruit kebabs instead of cake, normally served up without apology or understanding of the ritual that is afternoon tea that exists even for vegans! won’t lie to you… I totally O’Dd on sugar that day but I was so happy!

My third visit for Sunday roast for a little disappointing. For the very fact that they serve afternoon tea for vegans I could forgive almost anything, even the slow service. Bring me a roast dinner without roast potatoes though. That’s unforgivable. Slightly redeemed by the amazing vegan cupcake, my friend said “we could have done better than that” and I think I have to agree.

I’ll be coming back for afternoon tea Coach and Horses, but you’re on a warning. The quest continues!


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