Vegan London: The Chiltern Firehouse

Vegan London: The Chiltern Firehouse

Perfect for lovers of celebrities and carrots alike, the Chiltern Firehouse is a beautiful setting to while away a couple of hours with good company and lots of beautiful waiting staff to look at. I even went so far as to bend the ‘I don’t drink’ rules and enjoy one of their champagne cocktails and was slightly intoxicated after about a third of one. On further investigation the  strawberry and basil champagne cocktail also had a shot of Aperol in it, Jean will be happy I tried it! When in Rome and all that.

The staff were quite helpful at identifying which dishes could be  prepared for vegans. The starter was roasted carrots with chervil and was really tasty. Not for the faint carrot hearted, there were 5 whole (but small) carrots to tackle! For a main course, a choice of salads and a mushroom grissole. I spent my formative years in a love hate relationship with mushrooms, going full hate for 5 years until a random burger bar in in the middle of nowhere in Wales where I felt an overwhelming desire to add mushrooms to my vegan burger and now I crave them. Almost daily. High in magnesium and also anti depressive. Maybe it’s my body’s way of copy with the madness that is Digital Media London living.

A couple of us had a giggle at the nonsensical offering of a blunt knife to tackle a toasted slice of sour dough with limited elbow room. The flavour however was excellent.

Here’s hoping that the menu changes regularly or they sharpen their knives and I will definitely be going back for some leisurely chat and the berry and elderflower champagne cocktail. Celebs? I had no idea!


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