Recipe: Quinoa and Bean Burgers fit for a Vegan King

Quinoa and bean burger mix

Looks a lot like mince meat, but it’s definitely just beans!

Cold and wet, apple picking was rained off, but not our bbq plans! Rob’s new Webber had it’s premier at an undercover bbq, with the first thing to temper it’s bars – sweet corn, mushrooms and vegan burgers! Now that’s friendship!

I’m often asked what happens when people ask me over for dinner. There’s basically 4 scenarios:

1 – I don’t get asked in the first place!

2 – The asker doesn’t know I’m a vegan and I bring my own dinner so as not to cause an issue.

3 – The asker knows I’m vegan but admits they don’t know what to do for me, so I either prepare something at home and bring it with me, or organise to prepare something there.

4 – in the most part and maybe testament to the amazing friends I have, people jump to the challenge and get excited about what vegan creation to make for me.

Generally it’s a bit of a mix and I get stuck in and make part of the planned meal and I love that. There is something so comforting and bonding preparing food together. Maybe something that plays to our primal community nature, something that grounds us in the present moment and connects us in a common goal. So rarely we get to enjoy these moments as we rush from commitment to task, meeting to appointment. Dividing the labour, each merrily going about their task to combine together resulting in a culinary end, greater than the sum of its parts.


1 box of organic red beans, rinsed & drained

1 cup of cooked quinoa

1 small organic orange/red/yellow pepper

1 small red onion, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 big handful of coriander, washed & finely shredded

1 small handful of brazil nuts and walnuts, crushed/ground into a coarse ‘flour’

2 tblps tahini


This recipe blends the beans, pepper, onion & garlic cloves together, but equally if you don’t have a blender, then use a potato masher to crush the beans and just stir the pepper, onion & garlic in.
Next add all the other ingredients and combine. The nuts and quinoa should stop the mix being too runny/wet. If you’re worried about it being too wet reduce the amount of pepper and make sure you ‘dry’ the beans with paper towel after draining, the same with the coriander.
We learned the hard way that without the fat of regular burgers, veggie burgers stick to the grill… either put a bit of oil on your burger before it touches the grills, or probably best put it on a bit of tin foil and put the tin foil on the bbq. The burger will separate from the tin foil after it cools a little.
Eat with homemade relish, chutney or tomato sauce, in a bun, or simply deliciously on its own, with a salad, lovingly made by your friend with herbs and tomatoes from the garden.
Good memories and happy days.

Quinoa and Bean burger on the bbq

Quinoa and Bean burger on the bbq


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