Vegan London: the Black Cat Cafe, Hackney

A vegan cooperative in the heart of Hackney. This little cafe has changed names and leadership a few times in the past and has more of an activist vibe than peace and love, with sales of cofee going to fund the Zapatista a rebels in Mexico.

They stock all things under the vegan sun, from tofu & vegan protein & alternative milks and cheeses (many different types!) to chocolate honeycomb and lots of treats, books & toiletries. Prices are really reasonable. The staff are really friendly and the food is really delicious!

I popped my Seitan cherry with a Seitan and mushroom pie, mashed potato, veg and gravy.

In retrospect it’s probably the kind of dish you have for lunch not dinner (I was sooooo full) but I can’t resist the opportunity to have pie! It so rarely happens and only when I make it or mum and dad pop a Linda McCartney in the oven! Homemade pie. Mmmmmm delicious! I’m still not hundred percent convinced with Seitan. The words ‘wheat protein’ give me a bit of a shudder. I think we should look for things outside of wheat and reduce our intake, saving it up for emergency essentials like marmite on toast (else when else would I eat my marmite?!) and pastry for the occasional pie.

Seitan holds it’s form where tofu woul probably disintegrate in the pie. So it did add texture to the dish, lots of protein and well, novelty factor! I think I would be inclined to do something even weirder like chickpea and mushroom.

Chloe had a courgette burger with homemade chips and a lovely salad. Lots of flavour and a healthy/large portion!

I got over excited by the cake on offer and we went for an antipodean themed lemington, but we had to give it away to antipodean friends we bumped into at the gig. We were just too full!IMG_8830.JPGIMG_8829.JPG


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