Oops I did it again

Oops I inadvertently ate egg. For the record, that little parcel or on top layer in vegetarian sushi is egg not bean curd. Why did I think it was in the first place?! I’m not sure how two of us reading the ingredients didn’t spot it, but there we go. Animal protein got in. I have in the past felt so bad & disgusted by this, that I almost made myself sick, but that was the ‘vegetable paella’ incident in Valencia where they just picked the big chunks of beef out, the black flecks were not in fact herbs. Could I be too innocent to be a vegan?!

It’s all part of learning on the job. I stopped assuming the most innocent of products would be vegan appropriate. Coriander paste for example, strangely has milk in it. No more aromat on our roast potatoes, most ready meals or pre-prepared lunch options in supermarkets, yep milk, pretty much any crisps with flavourings outside of salt n vinegar so no more like Doritos (I know I shouldn’t but I love salty snacks sometimes!), Alpen porridge – milk powder for extra creaminess. These and others, are all things that have caught me out in the past.

I’m not particularly happy about it. I’d rather I hadn’t consumed these things, but I can’t change the past and can choose to mentally absorb the learning rather than the whey.

I believe in the power of intention. This always being the overriding factor. If your actions inadvertently hurt somebody, look at the intention, not the action. If the intention is pure then let it go. Be grateful for the experience most people walk around absolutely clueless as to their affect on the world around them.

The same is true when others hurt you. Often people are working with hidden agendas they don’t even admit to themselves, so it’s impossible to always understand another’s intention. So go with the positive choice and believe in the goodness of others.

I’m honest to a fault and to my own personal detriment, but I’ve leaned the hard way that sometimes a little white lie can save a bigg hurt. If your intention is pure, it’s that energy that gets carried through

Deal with your mistakes and move on. Take the lesson with you but let it go, carrying your past mistakes with you and reliving them isn’t helping anybody. Especially not you.



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