The Ravages of Repetition

Incredibly inspiring writing from scottspitz of Run fast. Run vegan. Sometimes we avoid reading about subjects that make us feel uncomfortable, like cancer, but Scott has a way of writing that I can’t stop reading it. Wishing you health Scott and a full return to running!

Run Vegan

Chemotherapy destroyed my body. It dripped from the bag, down the tube, into a port placed just below my skin, through a vein, and into my heart where it was powerfully pumped away from that terminus into all the connected pathways throughout my body, trying desperately to seek out the cancer cells in my abdomen, killing its  intended target. Along the way it killed other good cells, disrupting the normal functioning of my body, from oxygen delivery, to nerve sensation, taste, touch, etc. The ravages are too many to list.

Initially, however, I felt very little. Once we got past that first night of vomiting, enabled by a break in communication where I was not given anti-nausea medications, I went about my days feeling little more than just a temporary feeling of fluid bloat. I rode my bike everywhere, ran outside, did half-marathons on the treadmill, and just tried to keep…

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