Day #64 – Creamy Raw Red Lentil Hummus

Chickpea Hummus is a classic and absolute favourite, but sometimes you just don’t have chickpeas to hand, have extra beans left over or just feel like jazzing things up a bit. I’ve experimented with different types of beans – black and brown, even beetroot, but never with red lentils. I’d like to try this, also adding raw red pepper. Thanks to 100 Days of Eating Green for sharing!

100 Days of Eating Clean

Creamy Raw Red Lentil HummusThanksgiving is, by far, one of my favorite holidays of the year! It is the culmination of Fall all wrapped up into a delicious package.  Thanksgiving combines everything I love into one day: my favorite season, crunchy leaves, good food, scarves, the notion of change and the values of family, gratitude and humility.  It’s a special day that, in my opinion, should become a universal holiday celebrated by everyone. It is a good reminder to stop for a moment and really take the time to appreciate just how lucky we are because no matter how much we may complain, there is always always someone much worse off, and this cliché is unfortunately, and very sadly, true.  It’s also very true that we rarely take the time to truly digest what happens in our life, especially these days with so many distractions and techy gadgets forcing us away from the present and into…

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