Bakewell Tart

Abut to blog about an amazing Vegan bakewell tart I had at the Ginger Cafe in Halifax. Rob and Jemma will appreciate how excited I am to come across this recipe. Do I have time in the next couple of weeks to try it?!

What better to do on a lazy Sunday than bake a yummy treat and then pig out? I decided, in fact, nothing was, so that’s exactly what I did! As you all know I’m addicted to the Great British Bake Off, and they’re doing a Comic Relief version at the moment, and one of the celebrity technical challenges was a bakewell tart, and it made me really crave one! I absolutely detest marzipan, so I’ve been put off making one in the past, as I thought it would taste like a huge lump of marzipan, but it was lovely… The sponge is really light and moist on top and it really goes well with the crumbly pastry and jammy center 🙂 Only difference is that this comes from a vegan cookbook I got a while ago, so it’s completely vegan friendly! Be sure to be very generous with the jammy…

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