Wellbeing: Chuan Day Spa

chuan day spa with salt sauna

Chuan Day spa Himalayan Salt Sauna

Walk the long way round The Langham hotel, if like us you approach from the non Regent street direction, to step into a bubble, a pause, a world feeling far away from the hustle and bustle just outside its door.

Like most day spas this has the pre-requisite lounging area (right next to reception, maybe more of a departure lounge than a place to relax in your robe with a magazine), jacuzzi, steam and sauna area.

What makes it special are the treatments, the pool, narrow but 16m long, a gym (if only I’d done my research better!) and OMG, a Himalayan salt sauna!!!! It brings together two of my loves, a new one for Finnish saunas (thanks to Julia & Wilma for inducting me to their healing & social arts!) and of India’s ancient healing tools – ayurveda, meditation, yoga and himalayan rock salt, pink in hue it will keep your cheeks rosy.

I use it to season my dinner and to wash my nose (neti), I’d use it as a lamp if I was in one place long enough to buy one (soaks up the vibrations from too much tech), but I never knew I could sauna in it! The air is ionised and saturated with the salt compound and taking a sauna in it can help skin and respiratory problems. Energetically it can promote a positive mental state, alleviating anxiety, depression and melancholy.

My skin feels amazing, especially combined with the oils applied in the massage, and I’ve got a spring in my step, but who doesn’t when they leave a spa? I can’t testify to its healing powers without having to go back (hint hint Chuan day spa, send me back) but the overall effect feels pretty darned balanced and pretty darned good!

It was quite a busy little spa as it offers membership for its gym & facilities. At £200 a month, i’d be taking a lot of salt saunas! Maybe they need a yoga teacher or massage therapist and I can take them as often as I like! That, or just build my own in Wales. Who’s coming to visit?!


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