Recipe: Warm Winter Salad


warm winter salad


warm winter salad

According to the ayurvedic system, I am Vata-Pita, air & fire.  That creates a lot of steam and I spend my whole life trying to see through the mist of internal conflict that this combination creates.  What it means at this time of year in particular is that I need warm food to keep me grounded.  I can’t bring myself to eat a cold salad, even if my lovely organic veg box from Abel & Cole has a lovely head of lettuce in it.

To make the most of this veg box I roasted sweet potato wedges, carrots (always, always buy organic as farmers traditionally plant crops of carrots to suck all the agrotoxins out of the soil) and pumpkin.

warm winter salad

I loved this non-curly Kale, just like the Brazilian version, only half the size! I took some of the woodier stems off and chopped it roughly, with only a little oil to loosen the pan, along with green beans, roasting in the oven with chilli, garlic & ginger. I also added a handful of barley, pre-cooked, to the corner of the baking tray in order to warm it through.

When it was all ready, the lettuce seemed somewhat superfluous, but it’s fresh flavour worked well with the stronger kale and sweet pumpkin flavour. A healthy sprinkle of olives on top added a salty bite, that, with the oil negated the need for a dressing. If you wanted to dress it, the creamy, tang of the tahini dressing would work well.

Experiment with different roasted root veg, roasted beetroot is wonderful, roasted parsnip in salad, probably a good combination with some other roasted veg like broccoli & cauliflower. Let me know what wonderful winter combinations you throw together and share some pics!


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