Vegan London: Chaopraya Eat Thai

Vegan London Chaopraya thai restaurant


Chaopraya Thai Restaurant St Christopher's place

I crave Thai food. It’s so darn delicious. The fragrant & bold attack on your senses is totally up my street! I tend to flavour with a sledge hammer, because that’s how i like it!

Coriander, lemongrass, chilli, spring onions, coconut… love love love. Fish sauce. Don’t love! Vegan Dad (if only we all had one of those!) has an excellent recipe for fishless fish sauce on his blog, the flavour of the seaweed does decieve the senses, adding an of the sea flavour.  If you don’t have time/ can’t get your hands on Nori sheets, just use soy sauce, ideally a wheat free Tamari or Dr Bragg’s liquid aminos version.  Yep that’s right peeps, even soy sauce has wheat in it.

Anyway I digress! I started with craving Thai and coming up against the age old fish sauce problemo.  I’ve even come upon the vegetarian listing in a menu only to find out down the line that they meant vegetable, not vegetarian and it does in fact have fish sauce in it. Yuk yuk yuk  Yes you Thai Metro on Goodge St. Misrepresenting your food as vegetarian… shame on you.

Who doesn’t misrepresent themselves is the Chaopraya, Eat Thai restaurant in Christopher place, near Selfridges.  They have an entire vegetarian menu with baked aubergine, pad thai, tofu with cashews, green, red & jungle curries and many many more dishes.  I’ve had a few thai meals since, but the balancing of flavours is exquisite and this is fast becoming a firm favourite in my top 5 vegan friendly restaurants in London. Vanilla Black someone’s hot on your tails, but can they beat the rosemary scone, mushroom truffle combo? Maybe not, but I hope I get to go back for some more red curry before I devote myself back to a life of rice and beans in Latin America!




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