Wellbeing: The British Yoga Festival

British Yoga Festival

Once upon a time I was a yoga teacher, São Paulo 2012. Photographer rights go to the wonderful Jana Davis Pearl

Once upon a time I was a yoga teacher, São Paulo 2012. Photographer rights go to the wonderful Jana Davis Pear


2013 & 2014 have been big years in learning to let go; of things, people, identities, concepts. I’ve lost people I loved, left places I loved, changed jobs, countries, friends and really challenged my concept of self. Changing identities from wife to divorcee, from tenant to lodger, from self-employed to employee and one of the hardest of all, from yoga teacher to office worker.

There’s always the flip side to that coin, so where I’ve lost I have gained. Shiva energy burning down the shitty house to build stronger foundations for a better one. I have learned A LOT!

Still I cannot deny that I massively miss having yoga playing a bigger role in my life. Yoga is more than a physical posture, it’s a way of life, an attitude, a foundation of being; yet it is still a challenge to hold that flame whilst busting your ass in an office job which doesn’t help people feel healthier, stronger & more positive, but does sell them good and services they weren’t previously aware they needed…

Everything has a reason and like I said before, I have learned A LOT! I know all these skills will put me in good stead for the future. I have met amazing, inspiring, wonderful people, had amazing experiences (live music in London I love you!), I have laughed, cried and eaten my fill of life in London.

Now I am ready to get back to my self, to my yoga practice, to develop these healing gifts again to the point where they might also fund my daily existence. A long respite is coming up and I’m super excited to super charge its start with the British Yoga Festival this weekend!!

Running from Friday lunchtime until Sunday afternoon, in Islington, there’s all sorts of yoga related fun going on at the event. From trying to crack the world record with 2,000+ attendees making the UK’s largest indoor yoga session, to heaps of workshops, classes, open sessions & demonstrations – from Acro Yoga with the awesome Anna Karides, to Kirtan, Tabla, Kathak dance, a Yoga Rave on Friday night, Jivamukti classes, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bio Hacking, Chakra explorations, Backbends, Yoga partner play. You name it, it’s there!  And heaps of stands all with lots of lovely yoga, health & wellness goodies.  

I won’t be able to do it all, but I’ll be soaking it all up like a yoga sponge and heading off on the next adventure like a yoga engine that’s been jump started by a Ferrari. At least I hope so.  Watch this space as my colour pallette changes from grey to ocean blue!


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