Looking back, looking forwards – 2014 ramblings in review

ramblings of a wild strawberry, return to peace, 2014 year in review

It’s the time of year when our thoughts are drawn to the past, taking the time to pause and sift through the year that sits behind us. Our minds may pass through events, people, accomplishments, failures… Ultimately, we’re absorbing the outcomes that the course of our actions set into play to learn from them and grow, whether that be for financial, emotional, mental or spiritual gain.

As a blogger I’m taking the time to reflect on this blog, who’s reading it, what they’re reading and what I want to write. What started as a travel blog to keep friends and family abreast of my adventures in India has mostly become an archive of all my vegan favourite recipes, with some outpourings of philosophical musings.

I’ve taken the bold move to Central America to focus in on my holistic life, turning back to yoga and developing my massage skills, so expect to see yoga featuring more heavily, if I can get the internet to work for long enough!

As I look back as data’s measure of success, tell me readers, what were your favourite articles and why?

Wellbeing: New addiction: Oil Pulling


Recipe: Chia Seed Pudding


Recipe: Night before pay-day, creamy coconut rice


Recipe: Satisfaction in a loaf tin: Making your own Bread


Retreat to Peace: Yoga Retreats


Stay fresh all day: Homemade deodorant


Tips and tricks: Coconut milk


Tea and sympathy


This week I buried my Aunty


Best Ever Vegan Quiche


Recipe: Vegan Cottage Pie


Recipe: Quinoa Paella


Tried and Tested: Omega Oil


Recipe: Vegan Toad in the Hole with mushroom gravy


Vegan sushi


Recipe: Tahini salad dressing that turns even a salad loather to a salad lover



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