Open your chest & heart with Matsyasana, fish pose

Matsyasana, yoga pose

Today’s yoga pose is a variation on matsyasana, fish pose. Starting from lying on your back, with your arms close to the side of your body, bring the weight into your elbows, pulling up the lower abdomen & lengthening the front of the body as you open the chest & lift the body. Gently lowering the head to the floor. Only if you are very comfortable here and have no neck complaints, lift the hands first to namaste at the sternum. Only if you are very comfortable here, raise the arms over the head, keeping the hands in namaste and arms straight.always feel the lengthening in the front of the body, opening the chest and no crunching in the lower back.

Safely grounded to the earth, it makes it easier to open the chest uninhibited by our usual habit of closing the chest off to the outside world and our soft hearts underneath. Counteracting many of the physical effects from rounding our shoulders over a computer all day, this is a great counterpose to the shoulder-stand sequence.

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