Busting the old protein myth, how much do we need & where do we get it from?

I have a dream. A dream of growing my own food and living as much as I can from my own land.  At the moment I completely lack the skills to do this, but I have a way of making my dreams come true, it’s called tenacity & belief that you can indeed make dreams come true! It might not be something I do straight away, but I really hope this dream finds a way to come true and my Granddad’s green fingers become late bloomers to my now satisfyingly calloused hands.

I recently did an amazing permaculture introduction workshop with Atitlan Organics, more to follow whilst I continue to digest, which opened my mind and gave me a wonderful push in the right direction. Most importantly it took away my fear of doing something wrong to the living world and gave me the confidence to just get stuck in and try it.  I wasn’t the best with a pick, shovel or hoe at the start, but I wasn’t too bad by the end of it!  Machete skills still need more work!

We had to complete a student project as part of the course, everybody kept saying that it wasn’t possible to live off the land as a vegan, that most people had some reliance on animals, it was too hard without this.  It will be an ongoing project to work out what can be grown & harvested to support my dietary needs, a lot of it depending on where I might finally lay my hat.  The first step was understanding what a person’s protein needs are and where can that protein be found.

I scoured the web and with a Central American filter, pulled this together. If you’re interested in how much protein you need to eat according to your weight and which home grown foods can meet this, read on. Especially, but not only if you’re vegan!

how much protein
protein2 protein3 protein4 protein5
Plant based meal combinations and protein calculations





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