Recipe: Home Made Nut Milk

1 cup of almonds, 1 litre of water and a tiny splash of Agave

1 cup of almonds, 1 litre of water and a tiny splash of Agave

We’re very fortunate to have many types and brands of dairy free, vegan friendly milks available to buy in the supermarket.  In smaller supermarkets in the UK there tends to only be sweetened varieties or just Soya, which some people struggle to digest/prefer to avoid. Some brands use grape or apple juice to sweeten, but often it’s hard core white sugar.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to make your own nut milk at home, super cheap and preservative free!  This means it won’t last as long as the cartons in the supermarket but I assure you it won’t last that long and if it does, make less!  The last batch I made lasted 4 days before I finished it and it still tasted fresh.

I started making nut milk when I lived in Brazil and a carton of rice milk was £4 / $6!  I couldn’t bring myself to pay that so I started experimenting with rice, oats and eventually nuts.  Almond milk became my favourite, the consistency and taste works for me, but try a few different types.  I recently had a chunky macadamia milk as a yoghurt replacement, prepared by Mark at Il Giardino in San Marcos de Laguna, Guatemala.

Use to replace regular cow’s milk in baking, cereals, hot drinks or just drink on it’s own for a refreshing, nutritious drink.


1/2 to 1 cup of almonds, soaked overnight

squeeze of agave syrup or 1-2 dates (I find it spoils faster if I use dates)

a dash of organic vanilla essence (optional)


– Use up to 1 cup of almonds per litre of water, depending upon the consistency you prefer, put a small squeeze of agave in and blend for a couple of minutes.

– Strain the mixture through a nut milk bag/muslin cloth and preserve the almond meal to use in raw desserts (like this one) or baking bread or cakes

– Store for up to about 4 days and use as required!

Delicious creamy almond homemade milk

Delicious creamy almond homemade milk

Let me know how you get on!


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