Fluoridating my water or my mind?

Image rights belong to Steve Johnson

It crept upon me slowly, like a slow fugue until I was despondent, apathetic to the point of hopelessness. My normal bubbly self suppressed, subdued, empty. My head felt like it was subtly imploding and I had no power for thought, couldn’t make any connections in my mind. My spiritual connection to all that is – severed, dampened, disconnected.

A week after arriving in Texas and I felt the world was against me. I felt powerless and negative to a debilitating level of self-disbelief. The days would start relatively ok but by the end of the day I would feel crushed by life again.

We tried to piece through why we both felt so different than full of life, light and purpose when we arrived. It couldn’t just be the situation we were in, attending to a family emergency. We were eating good, sleeping well and we weren’t getting sick. Then it struck us. It’s the water. The water in Texas is heavily fluoridated.

For the good of the nations’ teeth, the vast majority of the United States have fluoride added to the water. Apparently Mr Colgate himself said that a tube of his fluoride toothpaste would kill a small child if consumed in whole. But that pea sized amount we use to brush our teeth…That’s safe.. Even when combined with flouride in the water. We have different susceptibilities to different substances; some people drink more water than others; some areas are more heavily fluoridated than others.

It may be down to us keeping better records now and better diagnosing; or because less people are ashamed to admit they are depressed. It may be down to the glamorising of antidepressants by the media (ie. pharmaceuticals) bringing wider acceptance of this condition ‘depression’ or it may be that our lives are being sucked dry of fulfillment and the right kind of stimulations.  The fact is more of us are depressed these days.

“Depression is 10 times more common in people born since 1945 compared to people born before 1945” – Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott

You can join the cynics aka media puppets (pharmaceuticals is BIG business) lauding it as a conspiracy theory of the ‘Tinfoil Hat Crowd’ or you can check if your area is fluoridated (only 10% of UK is, compared to 74% of the USA – 80% for Texas!) and if it is find a way of filtering your water sufficiently to remove the fluoride (Brita type water filters aren’t sufficient) and see for yourself. I’m refilling BPA (the plastic that leaches chemicals into the things it contains) free spring water bottles at reverse osmosis fill stations so as not to turn my fluoride aversion into a disaster for the environment!

My personal experience was just short, but for that week I was teetering on the edge of  depression, imagine what a lifetime of fluoridated water consumption can do to a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

There’s lots of information online about how you can help the fluoride out of your body so you feel yourself again – most are traditional medicines that come up repeatedly – raw garlic, turmeric, moringa, chlorella/spirulina, lemon juice etc.  Do some research and find out the solution that works for you.

It took a couple of days, but after removing tap water from our lives the crushing despondency left, the fog lifted and the light shined back in.  Please please please give fluoride free water a try and shake off the fog!



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