Vegan Dallas: Going Vietnamese at D’Vegan


Dallas on a budget and Vegan Dallas do not ordinarily go hand in hand, unless you are making your own meals or happy to eat at Taco Bell all the time, but with a large Asian, Mexican & Indian population there are actually a lot of vegan options for Dallas.

My absolute favourite place to eat in Dallas is at D’Vegan a vietnamese Vegan restaurant in the back of the Hong Kong mall off Walnut Lane and Greenville. Enthusiastically vegan on the menu, language can occasionally be a bit of a barrier at the counter, prepare to gesticulate with a smile and a delicious Vietnamese Salad with ‘egg’ rolls will arrive at your table.

Food is made with love and there is literature around about the reasons to go vegan. Stock up on Asian ingredients at the supermarket on your way out and spend some time chatting to the security guard. Full of stories, this martial artist is an angel in disguise and he is a lynchpin in the local community.

They close at 8pm so get there earlier to support this local Vegan business!

(Photos kindly taken from the D’Vegan website)


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