New Milk-alternative – Pea Milk

Vegan Pea milk - ripple foods

Could the humble Pea be the end to all our dairy-free milk worries? Image rights with thanks to Isabel Eyre.

Soy is a largely GMO crop and can be hard to digest, Almonds are draining California dry and are no good for nut allergy sufferers, Coconuts aren’t exactly local and Oat milk has a tiny amount of Gluten in it so it’s no good for Gluten Intolerants, leaving rice milk (maybe a roundup desiccated crop so go organic!) or Hemp (love the concept but personally I don’t like the taste)…

The milk alternative market is a minefield and somebody can always pick holes in the dairy-free milk of choice in the fridge.  That said, whichever dairy-free alternative is drunk, it will still use less water than the dairy industry, produce less methane than the dairy industry, thus contributing less to global warming and is better for the body and the welfare of the animals (cows have to have babies to produce milk… what happens to the baby if it’s a boy?….).

A startup company, Ripple Foods, in San Francisco has produced a Vegan friendly milk from Peas, a generally more digestible plant protein, as an alternative to Soy. High in Protein, low in saturated fat, I’m sad to see it has sugar in it, but this is the American market and everything in America is sweetened. Read more here. How do you like the sound of Pea milk on your cereal this morning?

Image rights belong to Isabel Eyre



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