Vegan New York: Desie Khaana (Mysttik Masala) Food Truck

Vegan friendly NYC cheap eats at Mysttik Masala

Couldn’t say it fairer than that ‘Delicious Indian Food’, this lady knows how to cook! Enjoying some cheap street eats at Desie Khaana, the 3rd truck by Mysttik Masala, at the south-east corner entrance Central Pak.

New York, unsurprisingly, has plenty of options for those with alternative dietary needs – raw vegan, gluten free, Paleo, you name it, they’ve got it. But in New York, that comes at a price. Planning on spending the day visiting Central Park I scoped out some possible lunch spots and was astounded at the prices $21 and up for lunch fit for a vegan Queen, but this Queen is on a budget right now and that is way out.  Taking a little bag of nuts and a banana, I thought I’d wing it.

Approaching from the South-East corner along 6th Avenue, I saw a row of food trucks, ostensibly kebab shops, an Indian jewel glittered amongst them and I vowed to come back that way if I didn’t find anything in the park.

It was Sunday, the park was heaving, I queued over 20 minutes for the bathroom and I wasn’t going to queue 30 mins for a sandwich at Le Pain by the boating lake, which ordinarily have lots of organic & some vegan friendly options. So after my Central Park jaunt, I returned to the Indian food truck and sat in the sun watching a beat box street performer as I enjoyed an incredible curry.

This truck, Desie Khaana, is the third truck by Mysttik Masala, offering reasonably priced ($7 for a veggie platter), tasty Indian meals in the heart of Manhattan.  The lady running this location was very personable and prepared a special Vegan friendly plate for me without raita etc.  They do not use Ghee to cook the meals so outside of Paneer and yoghurt, there shouldn’t be any ingredients to catch out a Vegan.  The lentil dal is incredibly delicious as was everything.

The owner, Rishi, seems to be more focused on bringing the food to the streets of NYC, than on social media, so the twitter and facebook pages need a little love.  They do sometimes post menu updates or specials, so check before you go.

Mystikk Masala Food trucks can be found in 3 locations, between 11am – 8pm daily:

43 st/2 ave,

53 st/Park ave,

& 53 st/between 6 & 7 ave




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