Vegan Dallas: My Top Five Plant Based Eats

Surprisingly, whilst it’s on the high side, Texas isn’t as Meaty as it seems, there are other states with a much higher meat consumption!  That said this isn’t Austin, there isn’t a huge vegetarian market, but with a large Asian, Mexican & Indian population, there are actually some great vegan options for Dallas.

1 – D’VEGAN – I love this place so much it gets a review all to itself! A vietnamese Vegan restaurant in the back of the Asian mall off Walnut Lane and Greenville. Enthusiastically vegan on the menu, language can be a bit of a barrier at the counter, but gesticulations and smiles a delicious Vietnamese Salad with ‘egg’ rolls arrives on your table. Food is made with love and there is literature around about the reasons to go vegan. Stock up on Asian ingredients at the supermarket on your way out and spend some time chatting to the security guard.  Full of stories, this martial artist is an angel in disguise and he is a lynchpin in the local community.

9,780 Walnut Street
Dallas, TX 75243
(972) 437-3939

Open 10AM – 8PM everyday except Tuesday (opens 11AM Sunday) 

2 – CRUSHCRAFT – Thai street eats!  Generously portioned for a reasonable price, there are many items on the menu that can be veganified. Drunken Noodles with Tofu for $8 is a bargain for Dallas! The decor is cool in that colourful, slightly industrial, street food restaurant style. Staff are friendly and it’s centrally located in Uptown.

!Vegan warning on the chilli sauces! One of them has fish sauce. Ask before dousing your meal!

2800 Routh Street, Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75201
(972) 677-7038

Open 11AM – 2PM & 5.30PM – 9.30PM Monday – Thursday, 11.30AM – 3AM Friday & Saturday and 11.30AM – 9.30PM Sunday. 


Serving vegetarian food to the good people of Dallas for 34 years now, Kalachandjis is ran by ISKON, the Hare Krisnas and offers a buffet of veggie curries and salad ingredients with plenty of options for vegans alike. Whilst the price per plate isn’t strictly a budget eat ($10.95 lunch or $13.95 dinner), the repeat as often as you wish option makes it a good treat. The restaurant is linked to the temple and is ran entirely by volunteers/devotees of Krishna and the food is made with that loving energy.  Served in a lovely courtyard, this should definitely be on any vegan/vegetarian’s list visiting Dallas.

Check the website for today’s menu and sign up for cooking, yoga, meditation and ayurveda classes. Also check the temple website if you’re interested in attending Darshan or other devotional events.

5430 Gurley Ave
Dallas, TX 75223
(214) 821-1048

11:30AM – 2:00PM & 5.30PM to 9.00PM

12:00PM to 3:00 PM & 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Closed on Mondays


A Dallas & Fort Worth area stalwart, in the best meaning of the word, long standing and relied upon to be upstanding in its area of good quality cruelty free food, the Spiral Diner was founded by Amy McNutt in 2002 after a spell in documentary film making brought her back to Texas to show how to make the changes in diet she was promoting in her film work. They are proudly 100% vegan, almost totally Organic and still work on films, teach cooking classes and are opening an art house theatre in Fort Worth. What’s really amazing is they did all this from the heart of Rodeo, Stock Yard, Cowboy central in Fort Worth, which is testament to the quality and taste of the food. All day breakfasts, salads, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, hot plates, mixed bowls, smoothies, cakes, icecreams, coffees, kombucha… there is a huge range to choose from. So much choice as to leave the normally under optioned vegan, overwhelmed!

There is a vast range of craft beer and wine that is 100% guaranteed cruelty free. Yep if you didn’t know already, most breweries and vineyards use animal ingredients in the processing of their booze. Traditional German and Belgium brewing methods aside (which are generally vegan), breweries use Isinglass (fish swim bladders), Gelatin or Casein in the manufacturing process.  Not so at the Spiral Diner where Vegans can drink happy.

In addition they offer Gluten free and Soy free menus and custom cake baking for special occasions.  Happy birthday to me?

Two locations – Fort Worth & Oakcliff (below):
1101 N. Beckley, Dallas, TX 75203
(214) 948-4747

Open Tue-Sat. 11AM – 10PM, Sun. 9AM – 5PM (Brunch Menu All Day) (Closed Monday)


Prefer your Thai eats less street and more holy?  Visit the Buddhist Centre of Dallas on a Sunday to soak up the atmosphere and eat at the food market. From 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM there is chanting and an offering of food to the Monks.  Volunteers run stalls preparing all sorts of Thai delights, the majority not vegan. Be sure to extra specify on the no egg no fish sauce to turn any vegetarian options like noodle dishes and spicy papaya salad into vegan ones.  We had one meal come back with egg. The wait times can also be huge when it’s busy, so don’t arrive too hungry!

The Temple’s monks also offers group meditation on Wednesdays at 7PM

8484 Stults Road,
Dallas, TX 75243

The food stalls operate from 10AM – 2PM on Sundays only.


Bonus Eats!

Q’DOBA – there are lots and lots of Tex Mex food chains in Dallas, Q’Doba is my favourite.  The ingredients taste fresh, there is an authentic flavour and the portions are generous. The store on Lover’s Lane has a great manager.

WHOLE FOODS – expensive for what you get, there are limited vegan options at the buffet and those that are there lack flavour, this is not my favourite wholefoods for vegan food. Works in a bind, but save yourself for Wholefoods Austin if you can, as the flagship store they have a lot of product tasting and the eat-in food options are greater.


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