Vegan London: Oasis Cafe at Harvest E8

Attached to the health food store at Harvest E8, the Oasis Cafe has so many vegan cake options I nearly became a gibbering wreck before I’d ever overdosed on way too much sugar. From Red Velvet, Coffee and Walnut cake and Chocolate fudge cakes to Fruit, Banana, Chocolate and Lemon Poppy seed loaves and all sorts of cupcakey, brownie related goodness in between, you will be left working out when you can squeeze in a quick visit back to work through the entire range.  Or alternatively camp out for a day and munch through it.

Double vegan friendly cake at Oasis Cafe, Harvest E8 health food store

A metaphor for life? Life with friends is two slices of cake to share instead of one. Black forest Gateaux AND red velvet all vegan delish!

I’d recommend going with a friend, then you get to taste two!  Chloe’s red velvet was delicious, my classic Chocolate Black Forest Gateaux was clearly at the end of its shelf life and was alas, dry.

Harvest E8 can be found at 130-132 Kingsland High St, London E8 2NS and is open daily 7-10pm.


This is ‘just’ the loaves, the cold cabinet had six different vegan cake options!


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