Recipe: Spring Vegetable Medley

I got home to a fresh box of Organic vegetables, gleaming and inviting, they lured me in and my hands moved at their will; preparing a medley of bright, tasty and nutritious vegetables to enjoy the essence of spring, from the inside out.

Recipe: Spring Vegetable Medley

Serves 1 hungry blogger or 2 – 3 as a side dish


2 carrots – sliced at an angle into long strips

2 big handfuls of fresh greens – I used chard

1 small handful of carrot tops, chopped

1 handful of freshly shelled broad beans

1 cup of cooked chickpeas

1/3 of a Bell Pepper – sliced into thin strips

2 garlic cloves – chopped into rustic chunks

1/2 chilli – chopped into rustic chunks (more or less to taste!)

thumb sized chunk of ginger – chopped into rustic chunks

a splash of soy sauce

Black pepper

1 table spoon of Tahini

1 tsp coconut oil



The theme of this dish is rustic and using what you have at your disposal. I find that Organic foods have so much more flavour and sometimes are delicious on their own, without too much fussing with flavour. The simplicity is in not over complicating the flavour and letting the vegetables speak for themselves, so to speak.

I didn’t have a lemon to make a Tahini dressing, so at the end I mixed the cooked vegetables through the Tahini to add some creaminess and blend the flavours together a bit.

I cooked the broad beans and chickpeas together in a little water with half the garlic, chilli and black pepper to give the beans a head start.  The chickpeas being cooked already, then mushed down a little by the end, wish I liked.  Anybody wanting their chickpeas firm and whole, should add them later.

  • Add a little water to the broad beans & chickpeas and cook on a medium heat, adding half the chopped chilli & garlic and a twist of cracked black pepper
  • Once the water has cooked away, add a little coconut oil and add the carrots, red pepper, ginger and the rest of the chilli & garlic.
  • Once they have cooked for a couple of minutes and are starting to release some moisture, stir the greens & carrot tops in and wilt them. Add a splash of soy sauce for flavour and steam – or equally, a little water and a spritz of salt if avoiding Soy.
  • After a few mins turn the heat off, add a tablespoon of Tahini and use a wooden spoon to stir into the bottom of the pan to break the mass up and then stir the vegetables around to lightly coat in tahini.
  • Serve and enjoy, preferably with a spring view of the garden blooming into life.
A spring medley bowl

A delicious bowl of spring – chard, broad beans, bell pepper, carrots & carrot tops and chickpeas.


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