My love letter to Yoga

When everything and everybody around me is changing, as I live in the flow of a constant state of fluctuation, Yoga is always there for me.  Without judgement, with open arms, always welcoming me back in. Magnanimously, no matter how much time I have to give, or what level of interaction I’m able to enter in to, it holds me.  Firmly, to know I am safe, but with enough space to breathe and experience life as my truest self; and in that embrace I feel ultimate freedom.

Like any relationship there are times when we don’t see eye to eye.  Mostly that’s from my perspective. I get distracted into thinking other things are more important than my relationship with yoga. Sometimes I even take it for granted but just 20 minutes on the mat with Yoga and I remember who I am.

Practitioners of Yoga know that it goes way deeper than the surface of the mat.  It’s a way of life. A framework for understanding the known world, and ultimately a filter for viewing everything beyond it.  Eventually the framework falls away as that filter becomes a natural perspective.  Removing layer after layer of learned behaviours, stopping thinking with the programming from media, society and culture in order to experience things just as they are.

I aim to live within the ebb and flow rather than stand in its way; bending rather than broken. I’m trying to watch with amazement at the game of life, leaving my judgement at the door.  I’m so grateful for my yoga tinted view and its blessing on my life.  Sometimes I’m the hamster in the wheel but eventually I stop and stick my head above the canopy and see the incredible view that is playing out around me. When that doesn’t happen organically, the practice of getting down on the floor with my mat, cools my jets, calms my mind, changes my view, cares for my insides and shifts my perspective.  It’s like a reset button. Press here to come back to yourself.

We are all a work in progress.  Yoga is like the grease in this construct called, I’s joints, it’s the pause in between words, the comfortable silence, the connection between one soul and another.  It is the breath, the synapses firing, the heart pumping. Yoga is the smile on my face, the tears in my eyes and the spirit soaring free from my chest.

Whilst I might flirt and experiment with others, I am most definitely in a stable, committed relationship with Yoga.  For life.


2 responses to “My love letter to Yoga

  1. Thank you, Nirmala, for the reminder. Indeed yoga is more than on the mat, but that physical experience & discipline help me to be grounded and refocus my attention within, my divine self. Happy journey. ❤😇

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