Vegan London: Voodoo Rays

Queen Vegan is always in town at Voodoo Rays! With artichoke hearts, olives, sunblushed tomatoes and delicious blobs of vegan pesto, a vegan can get their cheeseless fill for £4 a slice. There is often a vegan special on the menu but artichoke hearts on pizza is my weakness and I fell for the Queen. So layered with juicy sauce and yummy pesto, she dripped all over my dress in return. Next time I’ll cover myself in napkins. The pizza dough is delicious, there’s orange, cucumber of lime infused water, booze, loud music and East End decor.

95 Kingsland High Htreet
E8 2PB

Open Mon-Fri: 5PM – midnight (till 3AM Fri)
Sat: 12PM – 3AM
Sun: 5PM – midnight

Units 1-3
2 Bethnal Green rd
London, E1 6GY

Open Mon-Sun: midday– 11PM (closes at 10PM on sundays)

East London cool at Voodoo Rays

Chloe’s bag fits in perfectly to the East London cool at Voodoo Rays


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